Healthy dinners to make this week


This meal is not only ridiculously good looking but so easy to whip up on a weeknight. Salmon with pea puree and freekeh salad is light, nutritious and impressive if you feel the need to entertain on a Monday, but who would honestly do that? Ensure you perfect that crispy skin and this dinner is one you’ll be making on repeat.


Use vegetable stock in this oven-baked risotto with pesto and goat’s curd for an easy vegetarian crowd-pleaser. Risotto is one of those dogmatic recipes made by incorporating stock one ladle at a time. However, this oven baked alternative is quicker, creamier and requires much less elbow grease … just don’t tell nonna how easy it is.


This one-pot, cheesy chorizo chicken with spinachis the dish you’ll cook once a week, every week, just because it is so simple and tasty. Also, chorizo and cheese are a Spanish match made in delicatessen heaven, so there’s that too.


Cranberry and herb couscous with grilled chickenis the dinner you make because it’s light, healthy and perfect for tomorrow’s lunch. Fresh herbs take this Mediterranean-inspired couscous to another level, and if you are a fan I recommend a dollop, or three, of tazaki so as not to miss out on that garlic — sorry never sorry about garlic breath


Friday nights in summer are only made better by Asian-style prawn coleslaw with lime coconut dressing and perhaps a bottle of pinot grigio to wash it down. Not the whole bottle this is a healthymeal plan. Use a mandolin to chop the cabbage and onion and buy your prawns already cooked. The hardest thing you have to do is pull off the legs, and any prawn-lover knows that’s worth the fiddle.


You thought healthy eating meant saying goodbye to a brimming plate of spicy nachos? Well, do I have good news for you! Crispy sweet potato paleo nachos is your answer to Saturday nights. Entertaining friends? Cooking for a loved one? Just plopping yourself down in front of the TV to divulge the latest episode of The Crown? We got you covered.


Zoodle bolognese is such a versatile dish, it’s the only thing we could recommend for a Sunday night, when you’re exerting any sort of effort. Run a couple of zucchinis through your spiralizer and toss through your favourite bolognese sauce. Go for a tomato base, or the traditional mincemeat version you’ve been eating since you were a three-year-old.


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